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Treating Damaged Winter Hair

Dry, brittle hair during the colder weather months of the year is inevitable for many people. Running a heater to combat the cold zaps moisture out of the atmosphere and your hair. If you want to avoid walking around with permanent frizz during winter, there are some things you should do to treat your weather-affected […]

How Much Water You Should Be Drinking For Healthier Skin

Most people don’t drink as much water as they should to maintain good skin and body health. Your skin is composed of 64 percent water. You’ve probably heard that you need eight cups of water each day. However, the amount of water a person actually needs depends on several factors. Your skin will be healthier […]

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are procedures that improve the aesthetic of skin on the hands, neck, or face. To accomplish this, the skin is treated with a chemical solution that exfoliates the skin, causing the topmost layer to peel away. Beneath that top layer is new skin that typically has fewer wrinkles. The trade-off is that the […]

How Pollution Harms our Skin

When it comes to being good to your skin, you may only think about particular skin care products or specific cleansing regimens. While using quality skin care products and maintaining good skin care routines are critical for healthy skin, one of the things you may not have considered is the effect that pollution has on […]

Identifying Birthmarks

There are many types of birthmarks out there, though the two main kinds are vascular and pigmented. (Vascular meaning veins and pigmented meaning colored.) Pigmented birthmarks are usually just a discoloration of the skin, where vascular birthmarks are a clumping of excess blood vessels. Common types of pigmented birthmarks include: Mongolian Spot These spots are […]

Taking Care of Your Nails

Many of us don’t realize that our nails are a reflection of our health. Strong, healthy-looking nails indicate good health, while thin, usually colored or dented and ridged nails may indicate a serious problem. If ever you are experiencing problems, it is important to see your doctor or dermatologist. In order to keep your nails […]

Proper Pimple Popping

Pimples, acne, Hyperpigmentation–what do these all have in common? They wreak havoc on our skin and cause us to hide away from friends, family and even the coworkers who we see on a daily basis. Although many of our peers told us to never pick at pimples, or worse yet, pop them in front of […]

Most Common Skin Irritants

Admit it or not, skin irritation is not just embarrassing but also painful at times. While you might not be aware of what exactly is making your skin angry, you can be rest assured that the culprits are lying right under your nose in your own house. Don’t believe me?Well, take a look at these […]

What to Know About Skin

In the grand scheme of things, we often tend to ignore our skin—the largest organ of the human body, our body’s natural defense against all weather and environmental forces. Dermatology, also known as the ‘study of skin diseases’, if more often than not never given its due, and is often pegged way less important than […]

Unusual Dermatology Trends

Personal appearance is one aspect people are greatly concerned about and will go to any extent provided they have the funds to make themselves look more attractive. The markets are flooded with beauty products for luscious hair, whitening skin, shiny nails, acne-free skin and what not. If you like to spend relentlessly on exclusive hair […]

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