In the grand scheme of things, we often tend to ignore our skin—the largest organ of the human body, our body’s natural defense against all weather and environmental forces. Dermatology, also known as the ‘study of skin diseases’, if more often than not never given its due, and is often pegged way less important than it actually is.

Skin diseases are very real, and in some cases may also prove to be deadly. According to a study done in America, one person is every four people seek treatment for skin diseases, and each person is treated for 1.6 skin diseases.

Knowledge About Skin Diseases

People’s knowledge about skin diseases is alarmingly adequate, which makes them essentially defenseless against them. While many people are well aware of the threat of malignant melanoma, what they do not know is the threat from non-melanoma skin cancer than can affect to morbidity and deformity of skin. Also, certain skin conditions are not just skin deep; they are often connected with serious diseases like that of the heart and the kidney, and also diabetes.

Dermatologists are not only capable enough to perform cosmetic procedures. They are equipped and able to deal with skin disorders, deformities, allergic conditions and even disorders of hair and nails. Moreover, dermatologists are the people who are responsible for detection and treatment of various kinds of skin cancers as well.

Not only skin diseases, but many internal and infectious diseases also include symptoms that affect the skin. For example, arsenic poisoning manifests itself as pigmentation of the nails, and hypothyroidism can be detected from the presence of dry, scaly skin on the body. Not only these but many sexually transmitted diseases also have physical manifestations, which can be easily identified by a dermatologist.

Myths and Cures

Also, there are several myths about what is and is not essential to the well-being of our skin. Instead of opting for a complex (and also, expensive) skin treatment regimen, take a few simple steps like keeping yourself hydrated, and staying away from smoking. And all the costly facials are not mandatory for the healthy and glowing skin!

There also exist several conditions that are referred to as ‘dermatological emergencies’ which include sudden and severe blistering of the skin, severe itching that makes sleep difficult, and/or sudden appearances of rashes on skin whose cause cannot be discerned by the patient on their own. Such situations are super critical and need to be taken care of immediately by an expert.